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Till her heartaches end or hanggang mahinog ang...

“The greatest disease in the West today is not TB or leprosy; it is being unwanted, unloved, and uncared for. We can cure physical diseases with medicine, but the only cure for loneliness, despair, and hopelessness is love. There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love. The poverty in the West is a different kind of poverty -- it is not only a poverty of loneliness but also of spirituality. There's a hunger for love, as there is a hunger for God.” 
― Mother TeresaA Simple Path: Mother Teresa


"@chinitaprincess: "the best feeling of happiness is when you are happy because you've made somebody else HAPPY!!! KEEP SAFE,," IG

Moving from place to place from Tacloban in Eastern Visayas  to  Cagayan de Oro in Northern Mindanao to Cebu City in Central Visayas, to  Mindoro in Southern Luzon and to General Santos City in Southern Mindanao to finally settle in the Central Visayan city of Cebu when she was 13, Kim was unable to form firm friendships.  

CTO - Republic of the Philippines Map

Kim and her 4 siblings, Ate Lakam, Ate, Twinkle, Kuya William, and John Paul, moved around at their early ages to stay with relatives who were gracious enough to spend for their schooling.  There was always the question of whether they would be able to go to school the following year when their school year ended; a fear that  stayed  until their Grandma decided to bring all of them back to Cebu in 2003.

The family's last move minus the father propitiously heralded Kim's new life in only three years time; the year when she would turn  16 and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition1 would open its doors for her.  Talk about being at the right place  at the right time and taking the bull by the horns; joining an audition, setting the shyness aside for a cause.

Kim led parallel lives with Xian who has revealed  on KrisTV today  that he also did not develop longstanding friendships while in the U.S. from his frequent moves.  He and his Mom moved from Daly City, California to Las Vegas, Nevada and even to Texas and finally to the Philippines in 2008.

CTO - KrisTV show (pls check 3:18-  )     Thanks Disco.

Add to the rolling stone lifestyle, Xian suffered the wrath of bullies  in school for being fat and not fitting in anywhere. Like Kim, he  decided to take his own bull by its horns,  got out from being a couch potato and   went  into basketball, swimming and track and field.

Xian lost the weight but not the shyness and despite the accomplishments, Xian says he still has trust issues in developing close friendships, prompting Senator Chiz Escudero, the " He Said" to Kris Aquino's "She Said" on the KrisTV Talk Show, to say, "...we had someone last week saying that she also has "trust issues", to which Kris, quickly and smilingly and loudly said, "Si Kimmy!"

CTO - Kris TV Show (Pls check .51 secs onwards)

It pays to know what one wants or what one does not want and get out from a wishful thinking mode and act on one's instincts and inner need.  This is where a supportive family or in Xian's case a loving Mom can come in and propel a dream into reality.  She helped her son settle in the country of her birth, a decision born of love and trust in her son's decision to flex his wings and be on his own.

Xian was at the time of his life when a 9-5 job was not something he envisioned for himself after College. His mother has always been an entrepreneur and taught piano on the side. Xian's creative nature dictates routinary work  would just sap his creative energies.  In 2008 when he was 18, Xian decided to move to the Philippines.

It is normal for young people in the U.S. to be independent after age 18.  Xian left the U.S. to finish College in his father's alma mater, the University of the East and join their Varsity team.  He was not successful in the latter but with his good looks and his short stint at modelling his discoverer, Ton Lao (his current stylist), introduced him to Mr. Johnny Manahan or Mr. M of Star Magic, ABS-CBN talent agency, and the climb to unleash the dormant creative energy began.

"You just don't luck into things. You build them step by step, whether it's friendships or opportunities." - Barbara Bush, American first lady (1925- )                    

                           CTO    Year 2008 - KimXi on a chance pose 
               at an airport on the way home to Phil. after a Star Magic U.S. Tour.

CTO -   Kim in her trademark knitted brows. Xian and his cover up "arrogant" stance.  
                     The "Pogi" and "Pogita" looks discernible this early.

CTO - Look at them now!
Look Ma, a toothy smile!  Kim and Xian at the ABS CBN Trade Launch for Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

CTO      United States of America 

Growing up without her  Mom, Kim had  an attentive father, loving elder sisters and an autocratic but understanding grandmother standing by her.  Though shy and retiring, Kim possessed the  great resolve to better her family's lot.  

Kim learned hard and  vowed to herself not to repeat  the unfavorable business decisions her parents  made nor enter into an early marriage and have a baby in her teens which her mother did.  Learning from experience can be a great motivator and trusting in the help from the Almighty Father when one's own father is out somewhere raising another family set Kim for her life's journey.

Xian, without the benefit of  any siblings and a  father figure, received  much love, care and attention from  a single mother who nurtured her only child in traditional Philippine values, good manners and right conduct.

Xian's isolated childhood without any close friendships he could count on,  relied on himself more; developing skills in piano and other musical instruments in early teens; discovering basketball and other sports late but succeeded in shedding unwanted pounds, his main goal.

CTO - an uncharacteristically tearful, Xian whose main "cry" is to make Kim happy; make her feel special.

What Xian might lack  in social skills, not being strong in small talk, Xian counters with technical skills and an understanding of the human psyche, sensitive to the sensibilities of people and aware of what make them happy - a good preparation for  his life's calling - showbusiness and the exercise of his romantic nature.

Xian's patience and faith in himself and his God will come tested in the long, slow years with no work and no friends but God does not forsake His people and those who trust Him and trust Him fully will have their time to shine and how! Xian is among them.  What a good God we serve!


Though raised in different worlds; one in a developing country, Philippines, the other in  highly industrialized  U.S. cities;  the two, Kim and Xian, surprisingly grew up so alike  in terms of their strong faith in God; their  love of family; capacity for hard work; , willingness to learn, to improve themselves and a certain amount of  positivism  that would carry  them through the  rough and harsh circumstances of their lives.  Credit their loving parents, surrogate and real ones.

     CTO -thanks to ESFO -  Kim and Xian in his birthday prod. ASAP 2012.
                     A dream come true - doing a dance with Kim on ASAP.

Kim and Xian met at the crossroads of their lives in My Binondo Girl; two stars colliding and their  brilliance blazed through the showbiz atmosphere  as they continually streak upwards in individual movies; Kim in  the blockbuster,The Healing and Xian in a soon to show (August 15th) The Reunion.

The Healing is going on its third week  in theaters nationwide, some of them in areas still inundated by  the deluge that brought Kim and Xian out shopping for relief goods, packing and distributing them in the middle of rain and mud  while Xian's Mom, suffered chest deep waters in Antipolo  and had flood water in her living room soaking everything except for some fixtures raised up a step.

CTO - Xian - he saved his own as he helped saved others.

 “Baha hanggang dibdib ang tubig," ani Xian na idinagdag na hindi pa din naalis ang tubig baha sa kanilang bahay. “Bungalow kasi ang house so walang second floor. At least mayroong isangstep at nandoon sa isang step ‘yung mga gamit. Pumasok ‘yung tubig at hanggang ngayon may tubig pa rin.”

    CTO - Kim and Xian and co. packing relief goods bought from SavMore Katipunan. (Kim in a shirt with relevant print on the back; Xian in golden yellow).
None of the fans knew that when Xian spent a sleepless night packing relief goods for the ones who had to leave their homes to the elements; Xian was suffering the same way with his own Mom's home in Antipolo along Marcos Highway submerged in floodwaters.  His Mom and Lolo safely ensconced at his Condo after he fetched them to avoid any potential danger befalling them, he could now help Kim.
Mga artistang tumutulong nakaka-proud 
THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT Ni Master Showman Kuya Germs (Pilipino Star Ngayon) Updated August 11, 2012 12:00 AM Comments (0) 

Proud ako na napakaraming artista na naman ang tumulong sa mga biktima ng baha. Hindi lamang sila nagpadala ng tulong na financial, food, and services, marami ring mga baguhan ang nagkasya na lamang tumulong sa pagri-repack ng mga relief goods at pamamahagi ng mga ito.

Napakaganda nilang pagmasdan habang namamahagi ng makakain sa mga nasa evacuation center bilang bahagi ng pagtulong ng mga network na kanilang kinaaniban. Marami rin ang tumulong sa sarili nilang pamamaraan at pagsisikap.

Ang daming artista ang namataang namimili sa supermarket ng mga bultu-bultong pagkain na alam mong hindi nila gagamiting pangsarili kundi para sa mga biktima rin ng baha. Tulad ng magka-partner na Phil Younghusband at Angel Locsin, Kim Chiu at Xian Lim, Robin Padilla at Mariel Rodriguez. Sa kanila at sa maraming ayaw nang mai-report pa, maraming salamat, Diyos na ang bahalang gumanti sa inyo.

@OhhMyJ Susko isang hagupit din ang binili ni kim chui sa grocery...

@annemarielleG: Kim Chiu and Xian Lim helping out. #ProudFan"

@yourqueengreta: Xian Lim and Kim Chiu nasa Savemore Katipunan 

                                  CTO - Where wheels are not available.
Saving lives.

CTO - saving boy's best friend.

CTO - saving man's best friend.

The floods from days of unrelenting rain prove less than an  illustrious welcome to Xian's barkada movie, The Reunion, to show on the Feastday of the  Assumption of our Lady, August 15, 2012 in theaters nationwide.  This would be Xian's movie in a lead role, a preview to another movie with Kim and now the TV series,  Ina, Kapatid, Anak , already  in the works, also with Kim.

Xian, a non-barkada type of guy in a barkada movie; this we got to see.  Looks like Xian is on his way to "slaying his dragons"; he can start with acting them out and then slowly but surely, get out of the doldrums and like Kim say to everyone, "I have good news for you."

                                  CTO - Two thumbs up!
                                 Xian, positive and upbeat!

KIM's KTEXT 08-08-2012 : Her Message 

Let us  all troop to the movie houses and block screenings to help The Reunion, the  movie, be a success at the Box Office as we await the awakening of Xian, freed of his shyness and insecurities; watch him walk the walk over his trust issues into a barkada that is no longer a movie; a barkada with Kim as the pillar along with  his new-found trustworthy friends.

CTO - Kim, smiling again, finally, out of her shell after two heartbroken years.

CTO - The source of Kim's smiles - "ang lalaking pinakamalapit sa puso ni Kim ngayon - Xian Lim," according to Kim


CTO - Check the smiles that come unsolicited.  Happy Hearts!

CTO - Burt Bacharach
                                   " Raindrops keep falling on my head."

Nature has spoken and everyone listens.  There is some lesson to be learned and learned fast.  Nature spews out what people throw away.  Clogged drains must be declogged.  Living in dangerous flood-prone areas must be rethought.  The Government must also urgently  do their part.

Kim and Xian have weathered personal storms and as they tread water to keep themselves afloat, they saw each other bobbing in the floodwaters of the showbiz world; boarded the rescue vessel of My Binondo Girl together in God's will and grace and from there  knew their lonely journey was over...the aloneness replaced by togetherness; loneliness   by happiness.

 CTO - Broad smiles with the man she spends loads of time outside of work.
Kim with Xian.

There is someone seeking the happiness of another and his name is Xian. His efforts are not for naught.  The object of this pursuit named Kim has announced her 
Epiphany!  The "Eureka Moment" which beamed to the world on TFC that "...masaya, masaya ako ngayon"  and that she has some "good news" to share.

                      CTO - " Masaya, masaya ako ngayon", says Kim (KrisTV 8-3-12)

Finally, she has come out of her dark, dank world; the flood that nearly drowned her two years back except for the intermittent "breath of fresh air" from her "Mahfriend" and the "breath of fresh, pure oxygen" from another source, a man named Xian Lim.  Now, Kim has "broken surface!  She is alive and well!   Finally, after a long two years,  Kim's  heartaches have ended!  Thanks be to God and to Xian, God's instrument of  Kim's salvation!

     CTO  Kim and Xian -they even laugh alike!

The waters have receded in some areas of Metro Manila and still high in others.    One thing good we have seen is in the onslaught of nature's fury, we are comforted in the prayers and swift action of our countrymen, the heralded and the unheralded; some helping out animals, old people, infants; celebrities and non-celebrities alike bearing food/relief goods to the hungry, the homeless and the thirsty--a beautiful expression of love, care and generosity that will remain in our hearts forever reminding  us that in the midst of distress, we can count on and we are assured of help, sometimes, from unexpected quarters--from a man for example who continually says, "...Nandito lang ako para sa kanya. If ever mayroon siyang kailangan, problema, nandito ako para problemahin yun kasama siya."  (Xian regarding Kimmy) 

True to his word Xian helped Kim buy, pack, distribute relief goods to the less fortunate ones in Marikina.  It was only when the KrisTV show aired Friday (8-10-12) that people learned Xian is also a flood victim.  He  had to rescue his own Mom and Lolo from destructive flood waters from his Mom's residence in Antipolo where at its height the waters were chest deep.

Kim and Xian, God-fearing open, generous, caring and loving.  What is there not to love?

Hinog na ba ang puso ni Kim? Is her heart ready,  willing and able to fall in love again?  Kim says she's ready and she also says, "Only time will tell".  Xian counters, " Hindi naman ako nagmamadali".  Xian says he's not in a rush.  "Saya, saya, happy, happy."

Xian is marching to the beat of Kim's drum.  If she's happy then  he's happy and since they're happy being together, we can only be happy with and for them.

 Xian, you're the man! Where one made Kim cry; you dried her tears; where one made her sad, you made her happy; so, let me ask again but this time of Xian only, what is there not to love of Xian?

 As a Chiu family friend has said lately of Xian on twitter, and I quote:      Aug 9
Kaw na talaga yan Xi     

Again, Xian, you're the man!  Kimmy, you have landed with  both feet together from your gymnastics of life!  Ten out of Ten!  Good for you both, beautiful people; the once reclusive, shy and disappear-into-the woodwork type  people, are now in the forefront of life, smiling broadly, feet planted firmly on the ground; who are now each other's best friend, best friends for life--Kim and Xian! Keep on keeping on!   

“And what’s nice, the best part of it was that parang sinundan niya yung tip ko nung bata pa siya when I said, ‘Before you have a girlfriend, make sure you build up on the friend first. Because once you lose a girlfriend, you lose the girl and the friend. But when you build up a good friendship, you’ll never lose a friend.’ (Gary Valenciano in his advice to son Paolo)

  CTO - to those who continue to bring Kim and Xian down, please take note:

                     CTO - We are the world by Michael Jackson and co.

CTO - People helping people



  1. WOW NA WOW MS. KIMXIANITY... You see I can feel that Xian is now trying his best to protect that something that they now have. Something that keeps him and Kim happy. It's something na gustong mong namnamin for a long time with the one who makes you happy. And you are to share it only with family and friends who just want you to be happy. Di ba? I just want to share my happiness for both my idols who are happy when they are together. Having been there, I can say it's a real beautiful feeling. Love you Ms. KimXianity! - Your No. 2 fan

  2. HAPPINESS!!!! Nakikihappy tayo, No. 2 <3...You're right...there are so many people who are sad over the happiness of to keep their source of happiness under wraps! Inspired ka yata No. 2? Keep on keeping on! Love you too!

  3. Thanks for this new blog, Ms. KimXianity. I'm quite impressed with Xian not only because of his talents but more because of who he is as a man - a sincere type of man na ika nga ni Kim, "lumang tao." :) talaga namang there's only a few men out there na kagaya ni Xian, esp. sa panahon ngayon. It's just so inspiring to see somebody like him...and it's even more inspiring to see that the Lord has allowed him to cross paths with somebody as sweet and amazing as Kim Chiu. Basta, sobra lang talaga akong happy esp. after those interviews in KrisTv last week with Kim and this week with Xian. Nakakabilib lang talaga sumagot si Xian, hopeless romantic talaga. Who would have thought a young man his age would answer that "hinihintay na mahinog ang puso..." di tuloy kinaya ni Sen. Chiz. Maybe it sounds so old-fashioned, uncharacteristic of young men of this generation - but hey, Xian said it, and he meant it! If Kim is amazing, Xian is also equally amazing. I really pray for both of them, that they will continue to shine for the glory of God. Great blog! Praying and wishing for your good health, Ms. KimXianity! God bless you!

  4. Thanks too, God be the glory always! God has chosen Kim and Xian to be out there and serve as modern day role models to the industry and the youth for chastity and purity of heart.

    Hopefully, mainfluence si Sen. Chiz and si Kris then that yes, one can still find love in a "hopeful place". Until mahinog ang puso, Xian! Love the phrase now <3.

    More God's blessings to Kim and Xian and you too!