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Because of ...

 who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won't be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you. (Author Unknown)

In the height of the storm when the waters were surging and deepening, two people along with others with beautiful hearts stepped out and helped the soaked, the hungry, the homeless.

Minus the fanfare and the media blitz, they went.  If not for twits and phone cameras, their goodness would have gone unheralded.  "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

If not also for fans who got worried over the whereabouts of Kim and Xian, the following Instagram would not have surfaced.  Xian, whose ancestral home in Antipolo got inundated, helped Kim out after securing his Mom and Lolo. Very kind of Xian. In the spirit of sharing and giving and encouraging the downtrodden and the good hearts who are at a loss how to proceed, Lakam Chiu, Kim's benevolent sister released some photos.

                               kamchiu Wer getting ready for u guys!! Be safe always,   1w


     kamchiu At Brgy. Libis evacuation center. Again, lets all thank GOd for all d blessings that never fail to give us.. Lets start the week RIGHT!! And be HAPPY, take care everyone!!    5d

     CTO   Ate Lakam has taken Xian under her wing looks like.  The "pakpak" is now under another one's "pakpak".  The surrogate Mom warming up.

kamchiu Happy Happy Birthday Xian!!   1mon 

Ate Lakam holding Xian's "rocket powered" Birthday Cake at a Surprise Birthday Party prepared for him by Kim with intimate friends and family - 7-11-12; Xian looking at Kim  all overwhelmed and completely taken by surprise.

In the continuing saga of Kim Chiu, her life and loves, one person stands out - Lakambini Chiu, eldest sister, surrogate mother to the youngest sister, an age difference of  9 years that could span 30 when Kim reverts to a world when she needed to be little again and go childlike  and ensconce herself  in  warm and loving arms. 

This is the same Ate Lakam who has a set type of man for Kim: On finding the ideal man--

What are the qualities you are looking for in a guy?
Kim answered, "Siyempre, yung faithful. Maalaga, mataas ang respeto sa pamilya...Maputi."
Kris asked the same question to Kim's sister if she were to choose a partner for Kim.
Kim' sister Ate Lakam said, "Gusto ko ng taong magmamahal higit sa sarili niya. Yung marespeto...Yung hindi ginagamit or something..." (Article based on KrisTV interview of Kim and Lakam 2-06-12)

Here is Kim saying she has engaged her family to know Xian more: 
During the event, Kim and Xian revealed the qualities they like about each other.
Kim went first: "Hopeless romantic siya," she described Xian. "Parang traditional so nakakatuwa..."

When it was Xian's turn, he answered, "Her personality, her eyes and her smile."

Kim admitted that she and Xian go out together but are often accompanied by her sisters.

Lumalabas kami ni Xian if we have time. Sinasama ko ang mga kapatid ko, kinikilala siya ng mga sisters ko."

She added: “Ngayon kasi mas open ako sa mga sisters ko. Hindi katulad dati na secret lang ako sa sisters ko. Ngayon, mas kinikilala siya ng mga kapatid ko.” 

When asked about the status of their friendship, Kim said: “Hindi na kailangan ng label. Sa ngayon, labas-labas [lang kami].” 

Are they exclusively dating? “Hindi naman masyado,” she said with a laugh. 
When it was Xian's turn to be asked the same question, he said:  “Hindi naman natin kailangan lagyan ng label but yes, we’re having fun every time we see each other. I’m happy and I hope she’s happy also.” 
Kim mentioned that her sisters are already Xian's textmates. The actress also revealed that she has met Xian’s mother. 

How is Xian’s relationship with Kim’s sisters? “Natatawa naman sila sa mga jokes ko,” he said. May 13, 2012.

So how does Xian Lim rate?  Basic traits needed:  faithful, respectful, caring, 
unselfish and white-complected.  Looks like he fits the bill.  He just has to prove 
the first one when the time comes.  He professes faithfulness but this can only  be 
proven when tests come and he passes.  I have faith that Xian will pass.  

Xian has  multiple qualities unmentioned in the "requirements".  He has more than 
surpassed them, noting that he is also, this time according to Kim, " Si Xian ay 
funny, napakabait, thoughtful, caring, hopeless romantic" and to add, music-
minded, God-fearing and family-oriented.

I believe Ate Kam has found the "ideal man" for Kim.  She has been vocal and  visual her shouting "Isa Pa" for another birthday kiss for Xian from Kim as she impatiently egged Kim from her seat (Team KimXi birthday celeb for Xian 7-11-12).  Her accompanying the two in their exercise runs, their horseback riding, their dinners, his visits to the Chiu home; attest to this.  Xian has arrived in the hearts of the Chiu family with a big bang and looks like he's staying there! 


jpchiuThe most powerful forces of good ever assembled: @jpchiu @kamchiu @ususero @xianlimm @chinitaprincess dedicated to truth justice and peace for all mankind!!

As Kim's Ate Lakam celebrates her birthday today, August 18th, we, from Team 
KimXi rejoice in the love that she unselfishly gives to her baby sister; the same 
love that Kim in turn shares with everyone around her.  One cannot give what one 
does not have; and she has plenty of it, first and foremost, from her Ate Lakam. 

Lakam, a strong instrument of God's love in the life of her younger siblings is 
reaping the harvest of what she has sown--a full and blessed life among friends 
and family.  

Her wide smile, her loving countenance, her being elder sister-surrogate Mom-
friend rolled into one is an umbrella that shields Kim and now Xian in the storms 
of life. Lakam deserves all the love that people also shower on her and the warmth 
that love on love generates is enough to reach out to where I am.  I  feel the love 
and I am blessed.

CTO - Happy Birthday Lakambini Chiu! August 18, 2012

chinitaprincess HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the ever supportive, super cool, super funny and my number 1 fan ATE LAKAM!! @kamchiu

CTO - Ate Lakam, the dancer in the family.
The Practice.

CTO - The Performance with Xian Lim cheering with the family!
Bottom row - all eyes on Kim and Xian (middle photo)

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HI not a KIMXI fan...ashlloyd po ako just like to share na...

ang sweet ni xian kanina ehehehe siya nagtataas nung banner nila for LAKAM then lukaret ni kim sigaw ng sigaw  proud sister ang peg xian rin yata sumigaw hindi ko lang sure kasi maingay silang tatlo nung kasama ni kim ....

una pa lang dumating si kim then sumunod si Xian....may nagtanong kay kim kung kanino yung isa pang chair sabi niya "kay xian, parating na siya"

kakatuwa yung mga tao kasi nung tahimik may biglang sumigaw ng i love you kim chiu!

yun lang ehehehe....May 22, 2012

Lakam shares a birthmonth with the Chairman and CEO of  ABS-CBN, the largest media conglomerate of the Philippines (Wikipedia), Eugenio Lopez III or Sir Gabby Lopez; a fete which Kim and Xian attended  along with studio stars and executives.  

     A stunning pair in coordinated wear...white with gold studs/buttons. 
Sir Gabby    Lopez birthday party - 8-16-12

Even the proud smiles matched.  Xian, standing tall and confident from his  highly successful Premiere Night and run  of blockbuster barkada  movie, The Reunion; Kim glowing alongside Xian in reflected glory, equally proud and happy! 

  PUSH ALERT ‏@Push_Mina
                     Pwede pa lang comedian si Xian! Kaloka ang eksena nya sa airport!

PAM ❤ ‏@PamyLoveKimXi
Kim got praised for her incredible performance in #TheHealing and Xian is being praised for his much improved acting in #TheReunion PROUD 👏

Roxy L ‏@Roxy_Liquigan
And super revelation si @XianLimm ! Impressive! #the reunion

Gerald Ivan Cruz ‏@navicruzivan
Level up din si Xian Limm sa #TheReunion. =) Congrats @XianLimm

Noreen Capili ‏@noringai
Still can't get over #theReunion. Di ko akalaing magagawa ni Enchong iyun! At si @XianLimm, jusme, laugh trip!!!

Noreen Capili ‏@noringai
@XianLimm nakakaloka ka talaga sa #theReunion, Joax!!!

There's also a beautiful review from Rod Magaru from this site : and i'll just quote the most important part: 
I cannot imagine Enrique doing Xians or Enchong doing Kians or Xian doing Enchong etc. Enchong is flaming hot on a particular scene, Enrique is very romantic on his role, Xian is very matured on his interpretation of the character and Kean’s act is very effortless.

Congratulations, Xian!  We, KimXis, with Kim are vindicated as you are! Versatile in comedy and drama, you have proven your worth! So proud of you as Kim is! Looking forward to Ina, Kapatid, Anak and your movie with Kim!
CTO Roxy L ‏@Roxy_Liquigan
Spotted: Cute couple #rockwell http://************/s/235182562

 CTO - Kim and Xian with Maja and friends after the Boss' party in a tete-a-tete.

There are talks and there are talks.  The fact remains is that Kim and Xian are seen in public places after work when they need not be.  There is a choice and it appears clear that they choose to be in each other's company even if they also spend a lot of time with each other at work. "Happy, happy, happy being together," gesturing at Xian. (Kim (with Xian) to Henni Espinosa -Balitang America, May, 2012)

    CTO - " Happy, happy, happy being together"  "Easy, easy, happy, happy"
   Kim and Xian at Xian's birthday party which took him completely by surprise. July 11, 2012 (a day before his actual birthday).

CTO - the ubiquitous kurot...lull in the IKA taping.  Notice who's tired among them - Ate Haidz. August, 2012.
   Thank you, Xian, for putting back the smile on Kim's face.

CTO - Kim's fave body part of Xian and fave sandalan - Xian's chest.

   CTO - Xian and shy-looking Kim in a closer than usual pose for a fan's cam.

    CTO -   Kim at IKA taping.  So pretty and looking 16 in very light makeup.

There seems to be a question as to Kim's whereabouts today, August 18th, after spending some time in Davao yesterday, Friday, August the 17th.  Kim would be back in Manila for her elder sis Ate Kam's birthday, I would think.    Here's some solid proof from Kim herself:

CTO - Kim's IG of her arrival in Manila - 8-18-12.
 There's still sun in the IG and Kim is wearing her shades.  Left Davao for Manila 8-18-12.

Kim's non-attendance of the August 14th Premiere Night of  Xian's movie, The Reunion, elicited a lot of reaction from fans, KimXis included.  It appeared to some that  Kim did not show her support towards Xian, alluding to the time when Xian had to "fly" from Nasugbu, Batangas to catch the Premiere Night of The Healing .  

To those who understand Philippine showbiz, they would know that Kim, on the contrary, was lending Xian her strong support here.  She preserved the focus of the night on Xian and his love interest in the movie, Megan Young and on the movie itself. We also have to take into account Kim's very shy nature.  She reverts to being Kimberly when it's not work.

 CTO - Xian and Megan 
   The Reunion Premiere Night - 8-14-12 Red carpet

CTO - The leads watching The Reunion in full for the first time. 

Kim plays such an important part in Xian's personal life that her presence at The  Reunion Premiere Night would have dimmed  the lights that should only be trained towards the movie and its cast and director.  No inadvertent scene-stealing from anyone, especially from one who has such a giving nature as Kim, no matter how Kim and Xian would have wanted to be together that night.  Professional ethics versus personal wishes.  Professional ethics ruled this time.

CTO - Congratulations Direk Frasco, Xian and the rest...
The Reunion - 10m on its first day of showing.  Long lines.

CTO - Kim immediately liked Xian's photo at The Red Carpet.
Rjean ‏@camiaciara
Ang bilis mag like ni Ganda! Waah. :-):-) 

Kim and her family and close friends paid their way in the first regular showing of The Reunion on August 15.  They stood to be counted with their tickets at the Box Office.  What a night!  Controversial in part because of Kim being interviewed regarding the movie by Enchong Dee. Here is Kim with her group taking a late dinner after the movie. Xian who rushed in  from the Quenatics (fans of Enrique Gil) Block Screening caught up with them.  

                       CTO - Snacks after watching The Reunion - 8-15-12
Kim unmindful of the waiter's cam; looks like she has one of her own. IG Kim?
JC ‏@ususero
#TheReunion night.

LAKAMBINI CHIU - it is your day today.  You are blessed!  "Somewhere in your youth or childhood, you must have done something good", a line from a song in The Sound of Music.  That was also a family story of how love can make the impossible possible with God's help.  May God continue to bless you!

CTO - taken exactly  a year ago on Lakam's birthday, August 18, 2011. Xian Lim, is that you? This time Xian is in Bacolod.  As with Kim in the PN of The Reunion,  Xian would be with the Chiu family in spirit.
So, this was one of those early friendly encounters with the family.  
Kim's earth angels - Lakam and Xian.

I now understand why Kris Aquino (Kris TV interview Kim and Maja 8-12-12), when Maja or was it Kim who mentioned that Xian goes to dinners and such with the family especially at the surprise birthday  party for Xian , she (Kris A.) was always quick to ask, "Kasama si Lakam?" and everytime the two nodded, yes, she broke into this beautiful smile; making one believe that Kris knows the stringent requirements there are by Lakam for Kim's new love and how she must have appeared inflexible to Kris about them.  

Lakam's presence in Xian's sorties with the family lends credence to everyone's belief that indeed Xian has passed muster and  is one who is  "faithful, marespeto, maalaga, maputi" that Kim is willing  to cross over to Lovelandia for and with.  Love. Love. Love.  As Kris A. would say.   Kim's loves are bonded and she is playing easy, easy, happy, happy with the man of her life right now, Xian surnamed Lim.

               CTO - Kim's Man of the Hour - Xian Lim - front view

                 CTO  - Side View.

         CTO - Chinita Princess IG on Tuesday - 8-14-12 The Reunion Premiere.
@chinitaprincess: "Good things come to those who wait,. better things come to those who dont give up,,,and the best things come to those who believe." HAVE A POSITIVE TUESDAY AFTERNOON EVERYONE!!! #sanadilumalaULAN 

                      CTO - Because of you by Tony Bennett and K.D. Lang.

Again, Happy Birthday, Ate Lakam!  We KimXis love you for the love you unconditionally shower on Kim; molding her into this lovely, loving, generous and kind person she is today!  How blessed Kim and Xian are for having you as their Ate.  Keep on keeping on!   

     CTO - Kim with her other loving Ate,Twinkle who resides in Cebu with her own family (Raine's Mom).  Beauty runs in the family.  (Kim's IG 2 mos. ago)
    yesterday bonding time with my ate twinkle!!

                                 CTO - We are Family by Sister Sledge


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  3. Another beautiful blog Ms. KimXianity! Yes, I agree that Kim is so lucky to have a sister like Lakam. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. Lakam Chiu!!! I saw that episode on KTV where she was asked kung ano ang gusto niya na guy for Kim and at that time I thought her requirements were so stringent as you said. "Dapat daw mahalin ang kapatid nya nang higit pa sa sarili nya." Then, I was observing Xian's reactions at parang wala lang sa kanya. Now, I understand that kayang kaya pala niya yong mga requirements ni Ms. Lakam. Imagine working straight for over 24 hrs. and yet he was there with Kim during GForce recital of JP and Lakam with the banners. Minsan lang talaga tayo makakita ng young guy like him. It's loving another person beyond self. I'm happy that Kim has it and Xian has proven again that "it's just to show what she's worth and she deserves everything." Can't really forget this Xian's line. Ay Ms. KimXianity how lucky Kim to have Xian and vice versa. Indeed, they deserve each other! Love you Ms. KimXianity-your no. 2 fan

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