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Matters of the...

Henry Ward Beecher Love cannot endure indifference. It needs to be wanted. Like a lamp, it needs to be fed out of the oil of another's heart, or its flame burns low.

A devoted farmer painstakingly planted a tribute to his late wife, Janet, using 6,000 oak trees to etch out a giant heart in the middle of his field in South Gloucestershire, England. Howes, 70, and a gardener spent weeks planning and setting out each oak after his wife died suddenly 15 years ago. He planted the fledgling trees across a six-acre field after carefully marking out a heart shape in one half of the grass, with the heart pointing in the direction of her childhood home. The stunning crop was captured in its full beauty after a balloonist sailed over the farmhouse and photographed the field from the air.

CTO - Xian's version for his love one ...physically minuscule in scale, perhaps but the intent is large scale - from the heart.

She gushed: “Red roses, ang dami-dami! Na-appreciate ko naman. Siyempre nakakagulat na may puno sa sala ng bahay ko. Nakakatuwa.”   Xian said he does these things to make Kim smile.  “It makes me happy when I see her happy…every time she laughs, nakakatuwa lang,” he replied. 

Where does he get the inspiration for these sweet gestures?  “Dito yun kinukuha [pointing to his heart],” he professed. Kim, who was standing beside him, reacted with a giggle. In response, Xian stressed, “Totoo naman yun! Hindi yun nakukuha sa mga libro.”

There is a tenderness in Xian's eyes as he gazes at Kim.  Apparently,   Xian is not too aware of it but  Kimmy senses it and is mesmerized.

CTO - Kim and Xian at TFC Kapamilya Charity Event, Carson, CA 5-26-12.

CTO  - Xifan?  Playful Xian and the eyes that cannot hide the growing affection.

Credit to a fan - May 12   KimXi - Kim Chiu and Xian Lim Loveteam (Official) Ja Tizon Santiago

(At a Rejoice Commercial shoot break)

Natanong c Xian kung hindi ba naman niya tinatanong si kim kung kailan siya sa sasagutin? Say ni kim na natatawa, " Naiinitan na ako." Si Xian naman hinipan ang kanyang mukha para bigyan ng hangin si kim kaya lalong nagkantiyawan ang press.    
Xifan daw ang tawag dyan, hahaha!   

CTO. The admiring gaze appears to be reciprocated.  Xian, invited to a family event, skipped a few hours of needed sleep to join Kim in cheering the Chiu siblings, Lakam and JP in Dance.  
   Xian's  open-mouthed adoring  gaze says it all. GForce Dance Recital - 5-25-12.

Xian and his growing affection for Kim expressed in innumerable and every  imaginable way has eroded Kim's defenses.  Everyone who is watching this real- life love saga knows that Kim likes Xian.  Kim's family and friends like him too.  Xian, of course, is seeking more than friendship.  He has articulated this in old Tagalog... HAPPINESS. Sa hiwalay na panayam kay Xian, sinabi niyang ang wish niya sa kanyang kaarawan ay makuha ang kaligayahan ng puso niya—na obvious namang si Kim ang pinatutungkulan niya.

     CTO  Even Xian's eyes are "listening"...Kim's side story sounds interesting.
Block Screening - The Reunion 8-21-12 (KimXis sponsoring)

Kim on crossing the Great Divide.  July 23, 2012 is a red-letter day in the Kim-Xian like-love story calendar.  This is the day Kim stood her ground and to the press at that , that her, whatever relationship she has with Xian is not at all for show or the camera only; it is for real.  

"NOT JUST FOR THE CAMERA. Sa nasabi niyang ito, meron siyang advice sa mga nag-aabang ng kumpirmasyon mula sa kanila: “Huwag nating pangunahan. Enjoy the moment.”

Ayon din kay Kim, kung anuman ang mayroon sila ni Xian, hindi ito dahil sa sinasabi ng ibang tao o pang-camera lamang.

The title itself  "peeved by accusation" points to a Kim who is now open at showing her adverse reaction to what she believes is an unjust and wrongful accusation which deserves some form of response from her. 

Where before she let things pass;  this time she comes out with words such as the following: “Hindi naman kailangan... bakit kailangang magkaroon ng ganun? Parang napakasama naman ng mga tao na nagkukuwentuhan ng ganun.  “Siguro naiinggit sila o ano man... hindi ko alam kung bakit sila makakapagsabi ng ganung bagay na hindi naman totoo.” This is in reference to her relationship with Xian which is described as only done for show. (Pls. refer to the abovementioned Pep article of 7-23-12 by Melba Llanera)

Kim, using the words "napakasama" ,  "naiinggit", "bakit sila makakapagsabi ng ganung bagay na hindi naman totoo" are words never before used by Kim in defense of  anything previously said against her.  

In the 6 years in the business, Kim could fill a room with  all  the derogatory remarks piled against her and to all of them she just says, "They have the right to say anything against me since  I am a public figure; I also have the option not to read or mind them"; when asked in her interviews, why so, she just says, she does not want to flood her psyche with negativities.  Deadma is the word she used.

Even in her time of greatest hurt, the heartbreak that she is healed from only after two years of painful self-recrimination, Kim has never ranted or raved against anyone.  Why, the sudden turn-around?  What made Kim stand up in arms against the naysayers for the first time?

CTO   Happy as happy can be in the arms of a new love...

In my opinion, in the past Kim had only herself to contend with.  She just took all the blows; suffered the betrayal; licked her wounds in private; accepted the reality of her situation and moved from there.

In this instance, where people trivialize and cheapen the growing fondness Kim and Xian have for each other as "show" , "for the camera only", is a mud sling  Kim is no longer  allowing to  pass. 

These people are encroaching into her new found happiness; a state of being she has been deprived of for the past two years.  Her achy breaky heart is healed.  The broken wing is restored by a man who was teary-eyed when he offered himself as her "pakpak".

CTO -Abigail Perez ‏@ksychiutumblr   Thanks Bebe Abi for the use of this gif.

People who say Kim and Xian's growing relationship is only for show do not know Kim at all.  Kim works hard for her living and has learned her lesson the hard way.  She is a good and fast learner of past hurts and no matter the persuasion would not relent and risk a repetition of her old  pain and anguish .

That would not be Kim.  It is not in her nature to relive past hurts. Reason why she never took a vacation from work  in the first four years at ABS was for fear that she would not have a job when she came back.  Fear of going back to her old uncertain life was her great motivator.

Never again .   Ghosts of a past heartache and childhood trauma  set the tempo of Kim's life.  She has a low tolerance for heart pain; it takes her forever to come out of it.  She also takes falling in love seriously. Love is not a plaything to her.   She is taking it slow with Xian, developing a strong friendship before entering into something na "masaktan ka lang".  Xian is also the same way. Traditional, conservative, a hopeless romantic, he and Kim are just in groove.

Now, Kim is ready; Xian is friends with the family; friends with her; now they're missing each other; no labels but anyone has eyes can see that Kim has upped the ante; she has come into his defense strongly; before the court of public opinion - the press and through them, the people of Philippines and  the world. 

Kim is firm in saying that how she and Xian are now is not because of the dictates of other people ("hindi ito dahil sa sinasabi ng ibang tao" other people meaning people other than Kim and Xian themselves...again, Ayon din kay Kim, kung anuman ang mayroon sila ni Xian, hindi ito dahil sa sinasabi ng ibang tao o pang-camera lamang.

Why would these people who have gotten Kim's ire  prefer to disbelieve Kim when she says  that indeed she and Gerald Anderson  have parted ways since 2010; that she was terribly hurt; that by sheer professionalism, performed all her acting duties in the spirit of , "...the show must go on..." and that now, she is healed completely and is ready to love again and is entertaining, in fact, is exclusively dating a fellow actor, named Xian Lim and it is "not for show", "not for the camera only", and may I add not to promote any future show with him.  This is straight from the horse's mouth--Kim Chiu.

 CTO- Speaking of horses.  A sight unseen in the past.  Xian, the phantom rider in Kim's Subic visits has allowed himself to have his picture taken with Kim and her Ate Lakam on 8-23-12, day before their flight out:  Kim to Cebu and Xian to HK. 
This is not the first sortie by Xian  with Kim and family to El Kabayo .  This is only the first picture Xian has allowed to ever be taken with him and Kim together and I would think has also  allowed such to be released to the public; explains why  we are seeing it now. Togetherness is bliss.  Throwing caution to the winds? What was that phrase again? "... stop taking caution in your action, "  (snipped from Chinitaprincess IG).   
Kim has allowed herself to be interviewed and has given  her views of people who tar her and Xian with a broad brush  in the most obnoxious way as if she and Xian needed to pretend that they like each other, spending tremendous amount of time with each other, just for show.  She calls these people, " really bad", "could be envious or what", wondering  "why  they are spreading lies?" 

Why is a good question.  What are these people getting by spreading lies,  denying Kim some measure of happiness that she rightfully deserves? 

Kim who has only been a good child of God, prayerful and always sensitive of people's feelings; a good sister, daughter, granddaughter, niece, relative; a good friend; a good citizen, paying her taxes well, obeying rules and laws; a good worker, professional and responsible; delivering good shows and really  friendly and accommodating to  fans be treated shabbily by these people. Reality check is sorely needed here.  

Why, as Kim says, be "really bad", be "envious or what" , be "spreading lies" when they could be really good; could be happy for her in her choice; why would these people not accept the reality of Xian in her life.  I do not have any answers.  One thing I can say is, there must be something missing in their lives to hurt Kim this way.

August 19, 2012 is another banner day for Kim and Xian. Now that Kim has declared her stand regarding the reality of her relationship with Xian, here are some more intriguing words from Kim.  The night that Xian arrived from Bacolod, here is what Kim has posted in her Instagram.  chinitaprincess "stop caring what people think, stop taking caution in your action, listen to what you want, do what you want... this is your life,, LIVE FOR IT!!." #joyride #funsundaynight#notraffic vvvrrooommm!! take care everyone!!   4d

 CTO - Uploaded by JP Chiu - Kimmy's brother  - all in the family!

L-R JP Chiu;  Kim's Ate Lakam; Xian; Kim; JC.

Kim has come of age.  She has gained confidence. She has accepted her lot. She is now stronger and is now able to decide on issues.  She also believes that "things happen for a reason".  She spouses the truth.  Kim, in accepting the reality of her situation, is now looking into herself; slowly discovering her worth.  Age and self-discovery are not the only factors that are at play here; there is also the presence of another individual whom Kim values in her life right now ; who has also been the subject of so many unfair and destructive criticism and whom Kim has to take a stand  for;  someone whom she admonishes fans and bystanders alike with  "huag lang pangunahan; just "enjoy the moment"; someone whom she says of as, 

"Maayos siyang makisama sa lahat ng mga tao, lalo na sa pamilya ko. Kilalang-kilala na siya ng pamilya ko.”--the one and the only Xian Lim.

           CTO   Family Bonding -  Chiu - Lim Uy.

This affirmation of Xian's good interpersonal skills with everyone especially her own family, saying further that Kim's family know Xian very well now is a clear endorsement of Xian's innate goodness and friendliness by Kim and her family.

Xian, Kim, you vouch for each other, having known each other for a time with Xian's family saying how nice and good a girl Kim is.  As a KimXi, my heart sings hearing the assertions from both Kim and Xian's side of the family of how good one and the other is.  God is good!  Significant dates continue.

August 24, 2012.   Kim is almost saying, "wake up from your slumber".  Kim on her horse and spreading some words of wisdom: Serenity prayer paraphrased.

  CTO - Beautiful and reflective Kim with some words  for everyone to ponder about.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.
--Reinhold Niebuhr (Theologian) 

The KimXi Departure - August 24, 2012.
There are coincidences and there are coincidences but at times there can just be one too many.  

Here is Xian's twit on his departure date to Hongkong for TFCkat with Randy Santiago and Yeng Constantino.
Sarap talaaga ng food sa lounge :-))

keithpareja: Spotted. Kim Chiu. @ Mabuhay Lounge 

Kim to Cebu. Same departure date 8-24-12; time too? Coordinated time?

Location: NAIA Centennial Terminal II Departure Area (Both Domestic and International wings.)
Opening Hours: 03:00-21:00
Phone: +63 2-879-5707
Philippine Mabuhay class (business class) passengers (guests?)
Philippine Mabuhay Miles Million Miler passengers (guests?)
Philippine Mabuhay Miles Premium Elite passengers (guests?)
Philippine Mabuhay Miles Elite passengers (guests?)
General Impression

Mabuhay Lounge, Philippine Airlines' airport lounge have been redesigned and refurbished to cater to the tastes of the modern, global business travellers, - an oasis of calm and efficiency amidst the bustle of the airport.
Our First Class, Mabuhay (Business) Class, Mabuhay Miles Elite and Premier Elite members may enjoy the additional comfort and amenities at the "Mabuhay Lounge" where they can relax and as what we mean by "Mabuhay", "live well" before boarding the flight.

Food and Beverages

There is buffet table that 'floats' in the middle of the room. Sandwiches, cakes, pastries, assortment of fruits and a local dish, arroz caldo is served. Coffee, tea, juices, softdrinks and alcoholic beverages are also available.

So PAL's Mabuhay Lounge  allows access to business class and higher-end ticket holders and their guests.  Too much to think about but if my hunch is correct since everything is circumstantial so far; these are two people who are not running out of things to say to one another.  

It would be more inconceivable to think that Kim and Xian  would be in the same area departing to different destinations  and would not arrange to meet even for  just a few  minutes to eat and bond more.  As Xian said, "Sarap taalaga ng food sa Lounge".

If departure looked coordinated; arrival at the airport from Cebu/HK were 30 short minutes of each other.  Here's some KimXi fan twitting.  @kimberlychiulim @mesummerblue 12:05 nag arrived *** galing Cebu, *** from HKG ***** 12:34 ang ETA

One too many coincidences.

Strengthening the Barricade. August 25, 2012.
Kim reveals the status  between him and Gerald on the Star Studio Magazine, September, 2012 which is now available in the stands.  Her "Status of  Kim and Gerald Address" has sealed what she has been saying all along since 2010.  Kim and Gerald have been off since then.

Here's the final nail to the coffin: 

"Hindi nga kami nagkikita eh. Wala naman din akong sasabihin, at wala din kaming mapag-uusapan," Chiu told StarStudio magazine in its September 2012 issue.

CTO - Destination Cebu and family time. Kim Chiu.

The trip to different destinations KimXi  did not deter communication.  Kim liked 3 photos that Xian posted on his Instagram account. in his two-day stay in Hongkong; unexpected coming from Kim.

      CTO -The Chius like this.  Xian after a run.

             CTO - another coincidence?  Simultaneous liking of friend Cacai's photo.

CTO - While Kim is having fun and dining with friend and family...
@chinitaprincess had soooo much FUN today!!!  plus a YUMMY dinner to end the night,,, #happybdayatekamcebu  Sweetdreams everyone!!

  CTO   Xian is all by his lonesome in the streets of HK...why the mournful gaze?
This pic that has no caption is so telling prompting perhaps @Chinitaprincess to reach out across the miles with her way of saying..."Nandito lang ako, nandito lang ako, I won't leave...", echoing Xian's assurances when Kim made her birthday greeting to Xian to "stay happy, stay there"...

That Xian has never ran out of things to say especially on his Instagram or Twitter and that his using his  eyes to mirror his thoughts says a lot.

From Dictionary.Com, the word gaze means
"When someone lays eyes on you and keeps looking, it is a gaze or a stare. "

"Gaze is both a verb and a noun. When people daydream, they often gaze off into the distance without focusing on anything." (

                            CTO Can' Smile without you by The Carpenters

   CTO - Glad they are now in the same time zone and  air space. Whew!
Identical shoes.  

     CTO - Sending telepathic messages while hugging a traveling bag or...
'One picture is worth ten thousand words', Frederick R. Barnard in Printer's Ink, 8 Dec 1921 retelling a Chinese proverb. .40,000 words for the above pics--all of them addressed to Kim, you think?  Hugging her gift is hugging her, you think?

The show must go on and the smile is back in Xian's countenance at the sight of a sea of people, kababayans, all rooting for KimXi when asked and who in unison said they all watched My Binondo Girl.  My Binondo girl is soon to air under the international title of Jade in Hongkong, Taiwan and China plus Vietnam and Cambodia.

      CTO    JADE or My Binondo Girl  in Hongkong, China, Taiwan soon.

A KimXi fan has some thought, knowing how Xian has such excellent communication skills. Subliminal as in "I H-eart K-im"according to KimXilove9 : 

Quick peek out my closet... cute pic of Xian.. is he sending out a hidden message?   I H eart K im  ??? haha  KimXi Love <3    Originally Posted by kimxilove9 

     CTO -  Two hands up in Peace/Victory sign...Kimmy's fave handsign.
    while a Chiu family friend JC sends this: JC ‏@ususero We miss you @XianLimm na :-P       the ones missing  Xian falling  under a plural subject "We".    

In matters of the heart, we have a master in Xian; now he wears his heart in his shirt...from his sleeve to his shirt over his love-ticking heart.

Here Chinitaprincess also uncharacteristically liked the above photo after liking two others before this; perhaps soothing the oh so perhaps, tired, "missing Kim", Xian , whose body language spoke volumes.  No longer indifferent, Kim responds, "Yes, I miss you too" in modern day language -- a click into Xian's Instagram.

Here come the likes.:   

CTO - composer-singer-hosts all L-R Yeng Constantino, Randy Santiago and Xian Lim.

Xian looking like he along with Mr. Randy Santiago and Yeng Constantino are taking HK by storm!  Very good feedback from fans who are one in saying that Xian is so mabait and accommodating.  

Inside Pinoy Showbiz asks if Xian is now  the hottest ABS CBN property  and soon to be the next big star?  He can draw crowds to watch a show where he's at with fans braving the  hot sun and the shoulder to shoulder mass of people? Credible question.  The people have spoken!  Looks like the answer is a resounding Yes!  Showbusiness is still a business last I check.  He who draws the crowd makes the cash register go caching.

CTO - Xian performing in HK
Thanks Mommy Evs for the video.

 CTO -Xian singing his heart out to HK- based Pinoys  and a Pinas-based Pinay.

Xian, you have arrived.  Randy and Yeng have years of singing experience behind them and are also accomplished composers  and host.  It is such an honor to be the 3rd person of choice for TFCkat.  We KimXis rejoice!

Kim is also "gathering rosebuds" while she may!  A confirmed style icon from the fashion designers that only have good things to say about her:

                                  CTO - Kim   "She walks in beauty..." by Lord Byron.

"from the experts
fashion experts weigh in on why kim chiu is now a style icon

francis libiran

some of the most memorable looks of kim chiu were created by francis libiran,possibly the actress's most engaged fashion collaborator.his gowns-often in lush fabrics and flowy sillouettes-for kim are show-stoppers."i love working with kim because she is really vocal about what she really likes," he says.

"we have seen kim transform from a simple girl to one of the most stylish stars"

cary santiago

based in cebu ( kim's hometown ), cary santiago has always dreamed of creating a gown for kim.last month's issue of metro saw the actress wearing cary's phoenix-inspired gown."i've always wanted to dress kim-she's very beautiful and talented and any designer would love to have her as his muse," he says.

"kim chiu is every designer's perfect muse."

bing cristobal

bing cristobal created a black sequined gown for kim's appearance in starstudio's first fashion cover story. The fashion designers says that the gowns he creates for kim require little embellishment and seem to perfectly assume kim's "mannequin-like" frame."kahit walang fitting minsan sakto agad," he says.

" girls her age copy kim's style "

nat manilag

nat manilag is one of kim's go-to designers for romantic gowns in pastel colors. More than the clothes she wears,nat says that kim draws her charm for her uniqueness that she becomes " embedded in everyone's mind to the point of becoming an inspirational and influence."

"she's a style icon because she manages to be remembered by many for being unique."

bang pineda

as the head stylist of asap,bang pineda works with kim on a weekly basis for clothes worn in production numbers. For him,what makes kim a fashion inspiration is the fact that there's no disconnect between her personality and sense of style. "this is why a lot of girls relate to her and the way she dresses," he says

"her personality reflects her personal style."
Starstudio, September 2012 issue.

The Healing is also earning well. 
FUNFARE By Ricardo F. Lo The Philippine Star Updated August 27, 2012

Star Cinema is very happy with the box-office result of Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos’ latest movie, The Healing, which has grossed more than P130M so far (and counting!). You can catch it in theaters where it’s on its fifth-week extended run. Incidentally, Gov. Vi is busy preparing for the Marian Regatta Fluvial Procession around Taal Lake on Sept. 8, feast day of Mama Mary.

When it rains, it pours.  Kim and Xian are now taping Ina, Kapatid, Anak.  They have a movie which  will be out by next year on top of tours, shows and appearances.  God has figured so much in the two being paired together and they in their prayerfulness are praising and thanking God wholeheartedly.  Our one prayer is for them to maintain their equilibrium and keep Him in the center of their personal and professional lives.

Kim and Xian are multi-talented, good to the core , responsible and hardworking.  As they hold each other's hand, they are also discovering each other.  Peel every single layer I have laid out, their being fashion icons; their being good actors; their being good sister/daughter/granddaughter, etc and equally, Xian being a good son to his Mom and Dad, grandson, etcetera, then you lay bare a heart that beats for Kim and vice-versa, a heart that beats for Xian.  

Kim is no longer indifferent.   As I said she has already crossed The Great Divide. They now wear their hearts on their sleeves, Kim, slowly but surely, showing fangs, like a mother young , protecting her young, as she comes into the defense of her relationship with Xian as real, not just for show.

I am most happy that Kim is not indifferent to Xian's love expressions.  She is always appreciative; always appreciative both of Xian and his doings towards her.  She is reluctant to label what they have;  "nothing can define it" as Xian says.  

Their budding love is almost spiritual; as they hold each other in mutual respect; wary of hurting each other deliberately; always wanting the other to be happy.  It is beyond giddiness; it is just truly wanting the other to be happy.  Isn't this what love is all about or true love is all about and the romance that goes with love between a man and a woman will just follow?  Kim and Xian, loneliness is no longer your portion or if it rears it's ugly head it is easily assuaged with a "like" with  a perhaps a hug and a kiss.  Keep on keeping on!

                              CTO   We've only just began -The Carpenters

              CTO - 2012 Star Magic Ball - Kim and Xian be there as a pair!



  1. Beautiful. enjoyed reading this. Now I really believe this two beautiful individual have feeling for each other.May GOD KEEP THEIR LOVE safe from the intrigue of showbiz

  2. Beautiful!! Yes, I have observed the change in Kim and I love the way she is defending Xian and whatever relationship they have now (Xian said: "Nothing can define it.") Yes, I also have the same prayer that God Keep their love SAFE from the intrigues of showbiz... And again, I really appreciate the way you connect the different events in their lives and you have articulately written my thoughts about them. I love you Ms. KimXianity!!! - your no. 2 fan

  3. Thanks Anon 10:51PM and No. 2! Love you too, No. 2...and yes, May God keep Kim and Xian and their love safe from all harm, both visible and invisible! God bless!

  4. Great entry as always. I love how Kim and Xian continue to grow and improve both as a pair and individually. I echo Ms. Kris Aquino's statement during Xian & Enchong's guesting in KTV, "I love their influence in each other". Whatever it is that they have seem to inspire them to become better individuals while nurturing their partnership as well. I am also happy that they (especially Kim) is starting to open up a bit about their friendship. Although I don't know her as much, she strikes me as someone who has the tendency to clam up even further when pressured that's why we the fans should just let them be. Just like what they always say "wag pangunahan". Seeing them happy is enough reason for me to feel happy as well.

    As for those who continue to refuse to accept reality, I won't even begin to guess why much less try to convince them to change their minds or opinions for I believe that at the end of the day, choosing to believe or not believe in something is one's personal choice and no amount of convincing from anyone would matter, even if the words came from people concerned themselves (in this case, Kim herself). I just pray that the time would come when they would be enlightened and learn to at least be happy that Kim is happy. They don't even need to "like" Xian but I hope they would at least stop bashing him.

    Looking forward to your future entries. God bless :) <333

  5. Great entry! truly enjoyed it!! <3

    The thing is when I saw for the very first time the love team of Kim and Gerald, it didn't really do anything to me. I don't see the explosive chemistry that kim has with Xian (Note: it's the first time I saw a really strong chemistry between actors and actress). That's one of the reason I got hooked to this two wonderful individuals, their natural chemistry and they really really look good together. :) No wonder, it eventually led them to a blossoming relationship.

    I don't get why other people hate that Kim moved on from Gerald and their love team and that she has a new one with Xian. I mean, Gerald did a really bad thing to Kim, and some people keep on wanting them to be together. Also, it has been two years. LOOL. I think that what Xian said in Showbiz Inside Report is definitely the right thing to do, if they criticize him on his work and has a slight truth to it, just keep on improving and fixing it; if it is a none sense remark or a rude remark, just let it go.

    LAstly, in terms of their relationship.... SO KIIIILIG! i keep on smiling whenever i watch them! I think that everyone who reads this entry believes that Xian is a breed of male specie that is instinct! LOL. so as Kim! :) They won couple of the night in star magic ball 2012 and they loook so good together! I just wish that Xian continues his ways and stay the same even if he is becoming really popular!! and as for Kim,I wish you asnwer Xian already!! heheheheh anyways, i think that it is a good idea for them to take everything slowly! :)

    Goodluck to them! and ill be waiting for the future stuff! :)