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For once in my...


A year ago , on August 22, 2011, Kim Chiu was on tenterhooks. My Binondo Girl first aired that day.  This was her first television series minus Gerald Anderson, her ex love team and ex love.  

Kim played  a dual role, one, that of the Binondo Girl  Jade Dimaguiba; the other, masquerading as her brother, Yuan Sy.   It was a television series that captured the hearts of many and made Xian Lim and Richard Yap (Papa Chen) stars to reckon with in 2012.

 Will Kim Chiu make it on her own?  That  was the question then.  2012 was to be the  year of reckoning. 

It was a time that Kim's thumb-scratching, a habit she turns to in times of tension and great suspense, must have increased.  She turned to prayer for strength and  God's help and also collaborated with her co-stars to give their best in every episode.  She discovered horseback riding to relieve stress and found a horseback riding and running buddy in Xian. 

        CTO - Kim and her fave horse Lagunara.

                                CTO  8-23-12   Together at work and at play.

    CTO  Kim and Xian - out in the open field and OUT IN THE OPEN...

          CTO  -  Kim and Xian - early morning run in Hawaii, March, 2012

                                 CTO - My Binondo Girl Cast 

So how is Kim Chiu a year later, August 22, 2012?  Borrowing from a fan's remarks, here goes:  

Quote Originally Posted by chinesefan View Post
"I have always been thinking, My Binondo Girl is something to be proud of. Come to think of it, what a BLESSED project MBG is.

Big break career wise for PAPA CHEN(Richard Yap), AMETHYST SY(Lauren UY) and of course much much bigger for ANDY WU(Xian Lim).

Kim Chiu proved "SHE CAN MAKE IT" alone and not only that. She can make it REALY big on her own.

Then in real life, real couples found true love and happiness because of the soap. Ms. Marina and Mr. Ricardo. And of course Kimberly Sue and Alexander Xian.

Then best of all, KIMXI ,the fan group, the LOVETEAM OF THE YEAR, REEL AND REAL COUPLE Kim Chiu and Xian Lim blossomed.

For us KIMXI's, we have happiness, stress reliever and more happiness each time we see them together in events and private sightings. That's a thousands and hundred of thousand if not millions of people that are made happy because of that 1 soap project.

What a blessing to a lot of peolple!!! Both the celebrities and to us KIMXI lurkers, addict fans, Pexers, or whatever you may call it!


May ABS produce more projects like this."

To the question, how Kim Chiu is now on the first anniversary of My Binondo Girl?  A line in a Your Song Presents Kim Chiu episode could very well describe Kim Chiu's life today,  "Life is good, smile".

Kim Chiu, by the grace of God,  has now  a successful series  tucked under her belt; an equally successful and explosive love teamwork with Xian Lim; a new series in Ina, Kapatid, Anak;  a blockbuster  movie, The Healing with Vilma Santos;   movies to do with Star Magic and Xian;  a blossoming love and a whole new attitude. Kim Chiu has survived with a lot of prayer and   some good help from friends in the business, both fans and co-actors.

So where does Kim go from here?  Where did she get this new found strength; the courage to be oneself? Is the broken wing now healed?  Following is an Instagram which shows a more independent Kim; free of  the hang-ups and angst of the past and is taking a stand and how!

      CTO - Kim's personal Instagram.
  • chinitaprincess "stop caring what people think, stop taking caution in your action, listen to what you want, do what you want... this is your life,, LIVE FOR IT!!." #joyride #funsundaynight#notraffic vvvrrooommm!! take care everyone!!   4d
We have followed Kim's Journey of Love and Lost Loves-- a broken home, a broken family, an absentee mother, a lost romantic love-- and Love Regained -- a new home, a family of siblings, a surrogate mother and a new romantic love.  

What a journey it has been on the romantic side.   It has gone  a 180-degree turn and Kim's easy smile and laughter are back!  "Easy, easy; happy, happy" as Kim would say it.  

We KimXis are happy for these two shy ones who liberated each other with their complementary traits--what the other lacked; the other filled and together they help each other scale  professional and personal mountains.


 CTO  - Xian's instagram released within a few minutes of Kim's - Sunday night August 19th.    Intriguing.
We funnah hit the club in the fo one five.....wassup yoo has uploaded an uncut version of Kim's interview with Carmina Villaroel of Showbiz Insider Report. In this interview, Kim's tears came and her voice changed to a higher pitch when family issues were touched.

In Balitang America with Henni Espinosa, her tone was of a higher pitch all throughout the interview, revealing the emotionally moved Kim in that interview of May 26, 2012.


EXCLUSIVE! Kim Chiu on past heartbreak : "Wala ka ng pagsisihan kasi nagawa mo lahat"

0 view

Further down  the close to an hour interview for SIR , Kim says she is still reticent of her personal life. She is bubbly, vibrant, a good friend but not easy on confidences, she says. Kim feels she is not obliged to tell her fans the status of her personal life; when asked whether she has told her fans that she and Gerald are no longer together.  She also says she  has completely  recovered from her hurt and is ready to fall in love again.

                                  CTO  - Balitang America 5-26-12
In this interview, Kim thanks Xian for listening to all her problems; with Xian, she is open with her problems.  She chooses her confidants and Xian is one of them.

In the SIR interview, Kim says she  is not much into public display of affection.  The family she grew up in  was not demonstrative and hugging and kissing are not something her family nor Kim does easily.  This must explain her resistance to shouts for kisses on stage though she bestows them outside of prompts and dictates of fans to fans, friends even Xian's Dad or Xian himself. 

Kim on Kim, a straightforward interview by Carmina Villaroel for Showbiz Insider Report aired this month in its  uncut version  gives us a glimpse of what makes Kim so family oriented; so shy initially and how she rose to be confident and independent-minded and able to make her own decision for herself, all the while remaining the respectful, loving sibling of the Chiu family.  Learning from life's blows  (her love hurts both family and from a boyfriend) and life's graces (example of veteran actresses like Vilma Santos) made her stronger; no regrets as she learned a lot from the experience.  She now values herself  and has now learned how to love. 

Her account of Xian in this SIR interview  is quite revealing.  I can see she favors him.  One has to know Kim's demeanor to sense the easy smile when Xian's name is mentioned; a sense of pride at how he makes her laugh with all the jokes and banats and how she just enjoys his company.  As a KimXi follower, I also smile with my heart all engaged.  

Kim has some "good news" to share as she did on KrisTV through her Mahfriend Maja.  Kim has come of age.  She has found herself.  She is ready to fall in love again, leaning more towards one from showbiz as she tells SIR host Carmina.  

I feel from the amount of time Kim spends with Xian  apart from work that he is the favored one.    "Huag lang silang pangunahan".  No assumptions, they caution.  Wait until "mahinog ang puso".  Until the heartaches end and heart  beats love again.  Kim is ready, she says and the favored one awaits, all in God's will and grace.

Kim and Xian, seen in public in their private dinners and sorties out had time together attending a Block Screening of Xian's Movie, The Reunion, in a Team KimXi sponsored event at the Shang.

 Kim and Xian's entrance into the theatre with Xian's Dad, Direk Frasco Mortiz,  Kean Cipriano and the KimXis.

CTO  Kim and Xian with Kean Cipriano and Direk Frasco Mortiz thanking the KimXis 8-21-12.

     CTO - Kim, regaling Xian and Xian's Dad in lighthearted conversation; makes one wonder if this is the first time Kim has ever been introduced to Xian's Dad.  
Kim, the bubbly Kim from PBB, is in her element here.  Xian has broken the Kim shyness barrier setting Kim free to talk and laugh with his father.  Xian who has successfully bonded with Kim's own family is completing the cycle.

         CTO  - Eyes to Eyes with a proud eyewitness in the middle - Xian's Dad.
   The gorgeous couple seeing their beautiful future in their eyes smile lovingly at   each other.   Xian's Dad is equally smiling.  HAPPINESS!  KimXis Block Screening (8-21-12) of The Reunion, Xian's first lead role in a movie. The movie is both a box-office and a critical success!  Kudos Xian and The Reunion team under the direction of Direk Frasco Mortiz. Congratulations! Xian came from two other BS before this from his own fans and another KimXi group, KimXi ATG.

  CTO    There is now a replacement to the Ex-Love;  an X-Love...the eyes have it.
    The eyewitness Kean Cipriano has his eyes closed but he must be all ears to explain the smile he is trying to cover.

CTO - The man who has put back the smile on Kimmy's face according to Kris Aquino on KrisTV - XIAN LIM.

Kim has found the road to happiness.  Balance.  Balancing other people's opinion or thoughts or needs against one's own--finding oneself in the process and in finding oneself then just be.  Just be oneself.  

                       CTO - Kim and Xian.  The laughter after the tears.

Kim's self, gracious and true;  loving and caring deserves to be loved by Kim first; Kim who puts other people's happiness before her own is now balanced with the help of a friend named Xian.  

     CTO  You needed me by Anne Murray 

Xian - the "pakpak" to Kim's broken wing is flying high with her; soaring high; the same Xian who has this perpetual, consistent refrain when asked of Kim, "I just want to make her happy; want to make her feel special all the time I am with her". 

                CTO - "I am willing to be that "pakpak" for her..." - Xian on 8:20
                                 January 7, 2012

The one huge block to one's own happiness is surprisingly one's own self. It is only when one learns to love oneself appropriately that one can truly love another. One must love oneself first to be able to love another well. 

 (37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt alove the Lord thy God with all thy bheart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy cmind.   38 This is the first and great acommandment 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt alove thy neighbour as thyself. ) 


The above quotation is a bit harsh.  What it probably means is no one would love you as you deserve to be loved if you have not found and loved yourself, warts and all, first.   

Xian, who has worked with Kim  in close quarters while taping My Binondo Girl saw Kim, the real Kim; the Kim after the floodlights are dimmed and the girl-woman  Kim emerges without the makeup and the script--truly sweet, caring, thoughtful  and humble and promptly fell in love.  

Kim who uses the above qualities  to describe Xian substituting funny for sweet must know that they are the same ones Xian uses on her and in the fear perhaps of sounding repetitive, Xian graciously lumps them all in one word: "AMAZING",  using one other adjective  to describe someone he finds awesome, wonderfully wonderful --"INCOMPARABLE."

    CTO - In Xian's own handwriting...telling the world what kind of a person he finds Kim...that Kim is among the best there is and "deserves the best in every way possible."
   Anyone would feel a surge of confidence by being told by one who knows one well that one "serves as a good  inspiration and motivation to all..." April 19, 2012.

Xian has raised the bar for expressing love  and there is no better person to receive this heightened expression of love than a lady named Kim Chiu, the one who is the epitome of love herself  since she discovered the world around her.

God who is LOVE works in mysterious ways; Kim and Xian met in God's grace , in a work situation that only God can allow. One leading man encountering some technical glitch while  the other had some physical one; leaving one Xian Lim alone in the playing field to win his ladylove, Jade.  Xian as Andy Wu became   groom to the Binondo Girl, Jade Dimaguiba .  Xian has also  found a new  love in Kim whom he now relentlessly  pursues even after My Binondo Girl has ended.  From My Binondo Girl to Xian's Girl.  Nang hiritan kung hindi ba niya wish na sagutin na siya ni Kim, ang sagot niya, “Siyempre gusto ko (maibigay ang) happiness ng puso ko.”

Kim and Xian,  ultimate givers of selves, the ones who "want to make the other happy; make the other feel special all the time" are together almost every waking hour outside of work, enjoying each other's company; enjoying every moment with each other; "happy, happy, happy being together".  That their TV Series My Binondo Girl titled JADE  is exported for airing in  Hongkong, China and Taiwan is an added bonus; expectedly with more Chinese fans to follow after that. God is good; thanks be to God!

In the Block Screening of  The Reunion sponsored by the KimXis, a fanclub of the Kim and Xian tandem,  the movie had to take second fiddle to  the public real life reunion of the two protagonists in the real-life Kim and Xian love saga; one jetting back in from Davao,  Saturday morning  in time for her Ate Lakam's birthday and the other, flying in from Bacolod, Sunday night in time for some funride.

We know that the two had their own private reunion from sightings twitted in but for the KimXis who for the first time eyed them in person, it was a KimXi public reunion; their every move caught on video or camera and uploaded for everyone who count on them for stress relief,  romance and love.

This time the  movie, The Reunion takes a lowly backseat.  Now everyone knows why Kim preferred to stay home during Xian's Big Night.  She wanted it to be Xian's and his barkada's own Big Night and no other. If that is not love,  then we don't know what love is.

Love is sending loving birthday greetings to the beloved.

CTO - Kim's birthday greeting for Xian
Xian's birthday July 12, 2012

Love is wanting the happiness of another; being happy when they're happy.

Love is wanting the significant other feel special.

Love is popping the question, "Will you be my date to the Ball, September 1st?" 

Love is answering, "Yes, I will be your date to the Ball."   Harinawa!

                CTO - Imagine this outfit in white...Kim to the Star Magic Ball!

CTO  Frank Sinatra - For Once in my Life

"For Once In My Life"
For once in my life
I've got someone who needs me
Someone I've needed so long
For once unafraid
I can go where life leads me
And somehow I know I'll be strong
For once I can touch
What my heart used to dream of
Long before I knew
Someone warm like you
Could make my dream come true
For once in my life
I won't let sorrow hurt me
Not like it's hurt me before
For once I have someone
I know won't desert me
I'm not alone anymore
For once I can say
This is mine, you can't take it
As long as I know I've got love
I can make it
For once in my life
I've got someone who needs me



  1. Salute! You really capture every emotion that kimxi fans feel about our favorite couple & put them so eloquently in words for everybody to enjoy. Thank you! Keep writing, please! :-) <3

    1. Anon 2:29PM - Thanks...will keep writing :)'re welcome. Pareho tayo inspired.

  2. wow!For the nth time,you nailed it again Ms.Gutsy!What a realization!I like the part:"THERE IS NOW A REPLACEMENT TO THE EX-LOVE;AN X-LOVE <3 KEEP INSPIRED sis:-)

    1. X-L-ove <3...thanks...I will...inspiring din kasi. Hi Sis, ikaw ba yan?

  3. Hey Ms. Gutsy! It's been a while. I've only been able to read your recent posts on mobile so I only had a chance to comment now. Anyway, another wonderful and insightful entry! The journey that they are in now is really quite inspiring and I pray to God to continuously bless them. I'm currently missing Pex very much 'cause I haven't visited in a while, hoping I could do so again soon. I miss your enlightening posts as well as Ms. Embou's :)

    As always, thank you for sharing this & God bless <333

    1. Jane!!! Prayer is power! To God be the glory always! Balik Pex ka! Masaya ngayon doon! Maraming sightings.

  4. the pics from the block screening are so kilig!!

    hi mahfriend. it's been a while.. glad you're still inspired to blog.:)

  5. Mahfriend! You are always in my prayers!

    Have you watched the vids? Lalo.

    I know Mahfriend, your K and R are still at odds. Stick with K and X...there is progression. Hope they get to be together at the Red Carpet!

  6. Ms. KimXianity, thank you so much for your wonderful blog. I have mixed feelings right now since I'm quite happy for the KIMXI group and of course for Kim & Xian who seem to be on their way soon to the "next level" based on the sightings and the current happenings...but you know i do feel sincerely sorry for the other group who keeps on insisting the marriage issue which is obviously just an illusion. Somehow, I think they are putting themselves inside an old box. The sad thing is that they keep on convincing themselves with a false concept to the point that they are disregarding the emotions of Kimmy. Di ba true love is being happy with what makes your loved one happy (just as what we heard from both Kim & Xian)...if fans from the other group are truly after the happiness of Kimmy then why is it they keep on insisting something that didn't happen in the first place? Wala lang, I'm just sad for them. Buti naman because our Good Lord has strengthened Kim and made her more mature in handling different sorts of issues. i am also glad because of that recent photo of Xian in twitter where he showed a book that was given to him by was like something about the reality of divorce trend. I believe Xian has learned from his experience growing as an only child being taken care by a single mom. Reading that book is a good sign indeed, coz that is a reality which many people his age are not actually prepared to deal with. Crossing my fingers for the lives of these two wonderful people. God bless them and God bless you, too.

    1. Hello Anon 11:38PM Thank you too for your time. Sorry but I don't know whether I could be sad for this group. There is somebody in the group that is deliberately poisoning the members with the notion that Kim is married to Gerald. Within that notion, they are now free to say things that the two are doing what married couples are free to do; that they are sharing the same bed, the same house etc. Doing fanfiction in the context of their own distorted reality is just too much for me to take.

      These people are intelligent ones, articulate and in the know. I can be sad if they are truly insane. Wrecking Xian's reputation and Kimmy's too in the process and extricating Gerald from the reality that he really dumped Kim for Bea is just not acceptable to me.

      These people are more pro-Gerald (there is nothing wrong with that); they should just take off their masks and be true to themselves.

      Am not one for putting down Gerald, people make choices but the manner that he did it was just deplorable; publicly humiliating Kimmy among her peers. SM Ball 2010, that was. No wonder Kimmy had a hard time coming out of the fog. I just salute Kimmy for taking some of the blame and for coming out whole and stronger in the experience. God is so good in putting Xian in her path and vice-versa.

      How can I be sad for a group who sees the realities as I do and yet completely ignore them; saying all these ugly things about the people I hold dear, Kim and Xian, to preserve whatever they think about the old tandem and Gerald. Selfish as selfish can be if they cannot be happy for Kimmy.

      I really pray for these two wonderful people who hold the same mindset to continue being happy as they are now. No label as they say, I am fine with that. God bless them and God bless those who persecute them. God is good all the time! Thanks Anon 11:38PM :) Xian can learn from that book; glad too that he is a wide reader and thanks to the Titas who gave him the book.